About Our Parish

Regular Greek Orthodox services began in Gainesville in 1975, when Father John Mangos, a lay priest and pediatrician, joined the faculty of the University of Florida College of Medicine. Before this, Greek-Orthodox services had been conducted for a small number of faithful for decades in a loft above Mike's Bookstore owned by Mike Bliziotis, a Greek immigrant. During this time the Greek Orthodox priest in Jacksonville would travel to Gainesville about one Saturday a month to conduct the liturgy.The church was constructed, dedicated, and remains as our house of worship to this day. A school building consisting of four classrooms was erected adjacent to the church for purposes of religious and cultural instruction.

Since its inception our parish has grown significantly. It continues to strive to bear more effective witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as expressed in the apostolic tradition and worship of the Greek Orthodox church. We invite you to also participate in this witness by joining the worship and fellowship of our parish.