Elena E. Mavrodieva

Elena E. Mavrodieva has been painting icons for almost 20 years. She was born in Volgograd in 1974 and studied at the University of Moscow, where she got a M.A. in Bibliography and the History of Old Russian and Byzantine painting (1996). She also studied with Irina V. Vatagina and Vera Y. Karpova. The training took place at the school associated with the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker founded on Maroseika Street in Moscow by Sister Iuliania (Maria Sokolova) to preserve the traditions of Old Russian and Byzantine painting. Elena learned how to use the canonically established technique and traditional natural materials. Most importantly, she learned how to understand and to recreate the spirit and the unique significance of the Orthodox icon. Elena gladly accepts custom orders and paints for commission.For more information on obtaining your own beautifully hand-painted icon, please contact (352) 337-6697 or elenamavrodieva@yandex.ru We decided to display some of the beautiful icons in her portfolio on our website.