Mihaela Pastor

Mihaela Pastor has learned iconography in the workshops of the Romanian Patriarchate in Bucharest (http://www.atelierelepatriarhiei.ro/). Besides iconography, she has also learned metalworking, particularly gold and silver jewelry. She has presented her work--both icons and metalwork--in several exhibits in Romania, Norway, and Switzerland. As an iconographer, she has painted the iconostasis of the Orthodox Church in Brosteni, near Pitesti, Romania, as shown in one of the attached pictures. She has also painted the iconostasis of the Greek-Catholic (Uniate) Church in Fagaras, Romania. We decided to display some of the beautiful icons in her portfolio on our website. More icons, some of which have been shown in a personal exhibit in Stavanger, Norway, may be found on her blog at http://mihaelapastor.blogspot.com/2010/09/icoane-norvegia-mai-iunie-2010.html